“Her hypnosis has helped me manage times of stress and anxiety. Sharon’s knowledge of how the mind works paired with her compassion and dedication is truly a gift.” -Amy P.

“I recently went to Sharon for relaxation hypnotherapy. To be honest I was a little skeptical and alot nervous. Within the first five minutes I was reassured. Sharon’s soft spoken, relaxing voice and her attention to my needs were her topmost priority. She kept me informed throughout this wonderful experience. Sharon’s studio with its soft music and gentle smells of lavender is the perfect ambience. Since that initial experience I have been back several times. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon’s services to anyone.” – Judy G.

“Sharon has captured the power of hypnotherapy. Her gentle, trustworthy approach not only provided me with wonderful deep relaxation, it supported my need to quit smoking. I have her amazing hypnotherapy sessions to thank for being smoke free after 50 years!” -Susanne K.

“The first time I went to Sharon, she was able to put me in such a deep state of relaxation that I didn’t want our session to end!  I woke without a worry on my mind and all the tension I’d had before my session seemed to melt away, my body felt lighter. I’ve been back several times and each time I walk away with that same sense of peace.” -Bianca H.

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